Vinyl Replacement Windows

You’ve been thinking of having new vinyl windows installed but don’t know where to start.      Let Wenatchee Valley Glass help simplify the process so you aren’t overwhelmed with all of the choices and manufactures.    Here are some things to consider before getting an estimate.

  1. Vinyl window manufactures typically have a builder and homeowner grade of windows.    Quite often the builder grade windows have a slimmer frame with less vinyl.    This can be a great benefit at times when wanting to maximize the depth of your window sills or your view.   The slimmer frames can also have functional issues and size limitations due to their minimalistic frames.    Homeowner grade windows have heavier frames allowing for larger sizes and they typically have more flexibility with mulled combinations of windows.
  2. What color do you want?   Vinyl windows and replacement windows are available in a white and tan vinyl.   Some manufactures also offer a painted exterior with a white vinyl interior.
  3. What type of glass do you want?    Are you more concerned about keeping you house warm or cool?    Your new windows can be ordered with a Low E coating tailored to your needs.    We can even do triple pane!
  4. How are the windows being installed?    Is the nail fin being used?
  5. What work will you be responsible for?   Quite often painting is excluded but what else are your responsible for?     Who will remove and reinstall the blinds?

Call Wenatchee Valley Glass for a quote on windows for your new or existing home.     Our staff will be happy visit your home and explain your options.     We can even provide no pressure budget quotes via an email that has approximate window sizes and a few pictures showing your home.