Cardinal Low E Glass

Cardinal names all of their Low E coatings with a number such as Low E 272 or Low E 366.    To someone unfamiliar with this numbering system it can be confusing trying to understand the different coatings.    Fortunately someone was thinking when they started numbering their coatings.   The first number of Low E 270 is a two which means there are two coats of silver to on the glass.   The seventy means the glass allows seventy percent of visible light through the glass.    Low E 366 has three coats of silver and allows sixty six percent of visible light through the glass.

Tinted glass can be problematic when trying to match the tint on a house.   Sometimes the window frame does not allow the thicker glass needed to make all of the tints match.   Cardinal offers a tinted Low E coating so regardless of the glass thickness the tint is the same.   Ask us about using Cardinal Low E 240 on your next project.