Obscure Safety Glass

You are looking for the perfect pattern of obscure glass for the replacement windows for you are having installed in your newly remodeled bathroom.    What happens if the pattern you chose can’t be tempered?      It just happens that all is not be lost and you can get the safety glass that code requires.

The easiest way around this is to have the glass in the window be triple pane glass.   If the obscure pattern is the middle pane of glass the requirements for tempered glass are met with the outer tempered panes of glass.     This is the most cost effective option but sometimes there is not enough room for triple pane glass.     Laminated glass is another option but not without its limitations.    Aside from cost most obscure cannot be laminated with conventional means.    It the pattern has too much texture it must resin laminated.    Resin laminated glass meets safety glass requirements and is a great option for that pattern you can’t live without.