Replacement Window Screens

I need window screens how do I measure for them?   That question is always one that comes in the spring when days get warmer and bugs start becoming more of an issue.  This is one of the most overlooked and easiest methods to size your new screens.    Verify that all of your windows are from the same manufacturer.    Once verified this example could work for you.

If you are wanting a screen of a 60 x 36 horizontal slider and have a screen that is still intact for a 48 x 48 horizontal slider you can calculate the difference between the two.    For horizontal sliders you want to reduce or add the difference by fifty percent ratio to your known screen size.   The height is reduced or added to by the actual difference calculated.

48 x 48 Horizontal Slider with known 23 x 46 5/8 Screen Size

60 Width – 48 Width = 12 Inches * 50 Percent  = 6 Inches
23 Inch Known Width + 6 Inches = 29 Inch Width for New Screen

48 Inch Height – 36 Inch Height = 12 Inches
46 5/8 Inch Known Screen Height – 12 Inches = 34 5/8 Inch Height for New Screen

This method will work for any window as long as it is the same brand and frame profile.   If you don’t have a matching window quite often horizontal sliders and single hungs were the same frame just rotated ninety degrees.   Remember to rotate your calculations as well.   Once you have a screen size measure your opening and verify the calculated size will work     Wenatchee Valley Glass cannot be held liable for screens that do not fit.   Guidelines are just guidelines and are not a substitute for good judgment.   If this method doesn’t apply to your situation I will cover more measuring techniques in a later post.