Safety Glass Building Codes

Safety glass is required in in the following locations:

  • Any glass within a 24 inch radius of a door regardless of whether the door is an interior or exterior door needs to be tempered safety glass.
  • Any glass within 18 inches of a walking surface.   Typically walking surfaces are interpreted as the interior finished floor but if there is a window next to a sidewalk where the sidewalk extends underneath the window that window would need to be safety glass as well.  If there is a flower bed separating the window from the sidewalk the window would not need to be safety glass.   If the individual lite of glass is less than 9 square feet then it is exempt of being tempered safety glass.
  • Any glass within 60 inches of a stair tread needs to be safety glass.
  • Any glass within 60 inches of a shower or bathtub needs to be safety glass.
  • Any overhead glass in skylights, canopies, or patio covers need to be safety glass.    If the individual pane is greater than 16 square feet or at any point higher than 12 feet above the finished floor the lower pane needs to be laminated safety glass.

This is a general synopsis of the building code regarding safety glass.   Because different jurisdictions follow different codes it is always recommended to check with you permitting agency for code compliance before starting your project.